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Brandon, Nightmare of You

Oh goodness gracious.  I have strayed from promises I've made to myself in the past.  So many promises.  Like wearing border-line ugly clothing this year.  I have yet to buy any.  And I didn't get my hair cut really short.  But that's alright. 
     My braces come off January 22.  Isn't that amazering?  I saw some girls eating vanilla wafers in chemistry today, and now I really really want some.  Oh, I must get up early enough to pack my own lunch tomorrow!  School lunches make me cry.
     My goodness, it's strange when motivation comes from an unexpected source.
     I think I'm going to make this particular entry pink.  Yes, yes I will!
     I must go to bed soon.  And I've spent my whole day learning and walking and doing calculus homework.
     I don't think I have anything else to say..................................nope.



I miss you!

Sarah! Have you heard back from college yet? Probably not, but I thought I'd check in. I'm so excited for college!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy just got back to Orono. I miss him already. I've got this really cute picture of him I'd like to show you, if I can get my stupid camera hooked up. So, how are you?

Re: I miss you!

I have not, but I am so excited to go to Orono too if I don't get into Bowdoin!!!!! I can't remember if I posted this on facebook, but there is a pic on there of you and Tommy that is wonderfull!!!! You look like you could be in an indie band together, lol. I'm in school right now, bye!

Re: I miss you!

Yeah, they have a lot of Anthropology classes there. I'm going to take Intro to Folklore, if I can get in. I'm going to hold off on math classes until second semester, too. Blech! I think I might take, like, College Algebra or some pre-geometry class. I don't want Calculus! I can't even do pre-calc!
Tommy's friend Cory took that picture of us. We do look pretty indie. Lol. Except he can't play an instrument. I don't have school today! "Snow day, schol's out and I can't wait to go outside and I might get into a snowball fight. SNOWBALL SNOWBALL SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Re: I miss you!

Anthropology....it appeals to me lol. Well, I took my calculus and bio exams today. I think I did well on the calc, but I missed 15 out of 69 on the bio. Blech. But it was scaled, so I actually ended up with a 91. If Ben doesn't set the curve; he's finishing right now. School's over. I have to study for physics and English tonight; the test's on Hamlet. :( I like that play, but I have to read Act I and II over.....we went over it so long ago. And I have a bio powerpoint due Friday! Ahh!
We had a snow day yesterday. We might have one tomorrow!
Do people ever randomly hug you, people that you don't even know? It happens to me a lot, lol.
OMG I don't know if I told you this or not, but the wee little gnome you gave me is so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use it whenever I have to take a test now. That plus the power of Gary = awesomeness!
I lost a pound since Monday, yay. Three pounds so far! 9 pounds to go! My pants are really lose today. Hahahahahahaha we watched this video today that Zach and Christian made about scars......in it, Christian gets "stabbed" by Zach and rides down a hill on a tricycle. And the both of them are playing around on the swingset in Zach's backyard. And Zach pops out of this little plastic house and starts reciting facts about scars in a hick accent. It's pretty funny.
You should pray to Gary that I get a boyfriend soon. Just a suggestion....
Okay, I think that's everything I didn't tell you on Monday, lol. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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