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bully and damnation

I am writing this because I feel like changing the color of a font.  A text.  Any font or text will do. I am suddenly motivated!  But what color?  I do not know.  I wonder what a female version of Anthony Green would be like.  I need more female role models, lol.  I think this population of 20-something males has gotten way to much idolizing attention from me.  Don't you agree?  The telly is on.  I'm going to go turn it off now.
     Ahh that is better.  I think I'm just going to ramble on for a really long time, okay?  Because I am supremely bored.  I'd like to paint a picture, but I have no paint or canvas or inspiration.  Anthony Green..I was going to say something else about him but I forgot.  I need a new hair style!  What do you think?  No, you don't understand, I really need to find one before the 31st.  Blah.  Maybe I will dye my hair purple.  But I actually won't because senior pictures are fast approaching.  I get my braces off on Tuesday.  At least I'm supposed to, but we had a snow day today and exams were extended into Tuesday.  So now I don't know what to do.  Bully!  Damnation!  Ooh Zach's online.  I hope he works on that story today.  That would make me happy.  Toodle oodle oodle.  Like the mice play.  Toodle oodle oodle.  I wish I had a mouce circus.  Birthday idea!  I do have a rat though.  I'm running out of things to ramble about.  Hamlet.  Hamlet is very good.  I didn't appreciate it in the 8th grade as much as I do now.  You know what?  I really like attention.  It's quite sad.  I dunno how people stand feeding me all this attention all of the time.  It can't be worth it.  It is really pretty outside.  Very very white and snowy, characteristics of snow.  Mhm.  Oh I need to take a picture of my Cheshire Cat painting and send it to Stacia!!  Maybe I will do that today.  Thinking thinking thinking.   Yessssssssssssss.  I started to write an indie song today, but got stuck on the lyrics.  See, when I write a song the two things, music and lyrics must go hand-in-hand.  And I started writing self-pitying lyrics, as a good friend once advised me not to.  Then I couldn't think of anything to write about and here I am.  I wonder how many words this entry is.  413, not including any from the sentence that you're reading right now.  I think I'll post this now.


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April 2008



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