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teenage kicks

theoretical swords

This day seeks to destroy me.  It's throwing everything it's got at me, and I am barely deflecting each blow with a wicked sword I pulled out of a dream box.  I could not find my keys this morning, and I suspect some daemon hid them.  Subsequently, my room is now a mess, and I was late to school.  Luckily, I got a note from my dad this morning.  Also, I gained a pound.  Also, I have a math test next block.  But I've got my theoretical sword, swinging vigorously in my mind.
     I am highly concerned I am going to prom alone this year.  What's strange is, I have no one that I would actually like to go with, I just don't want to go alone.  I just used a comma inappropriately.  Jennifer Sprouse's new mission is to find me a date, hehe.  Yay, Jennifer.  :)


There's nothing particularly wrong, I'm just bored. I need something fun to do after school. At least we have some sort of correspondence. Anyway, I'm alright, just really DONE with school for now. I'm doing my work, but I just don't like being there, more so than before. Oh well.
I hope Jennifer can find you a date for prom. Although, I'm certain I know someone who would go with you, if you asked.
Also, I gained three pounds, so don't feel bad. I ate cupcakes all weekend. :P
And I didn't care one bit. Until now.
I am very sick of school right now, too. I am tired/bored all of the time. And I think the person you're thinking of to go with me to prom is already going with someone. Everyone has a date but me. Cupcakes are good. I originally wrote god instead of good by accident, which is actually true, too. I haven't had anything unhealthy to eat in so long. It's crazy I looked at a calendar from last year of mine, and I was 9 pounds heavier on February 23, 2007 than I am now. Yay! 7 pounds to go.
Hello there. Happy Easter. I sent your thingy, your autograph in the mail! Brandon's gf is named Sarah.
I barely hear from you, btw.
I need you to be here. You should come take my mind off of everything. I think far too much. We can balance each other out.
teenage kicks

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