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teenage kicks

I'm thinking about not eating dinner, because I had an approximately 800 calorie lunch at noon.  Is that a bad Idea?  I've got this all figured out, by the way.  Four weeks until prom.  I've lost four pounds since monday, that's 3 days.  Four pounds in 3 days.  Let's say I keep all that weight off until next monday.  That means, theoretically, I'll be able to lose 4 pounds a week.  If I do that until prom, I will have lost 16 pounds.  Maybe.  I know what it will take, anyway.

i'm watching Juno with my mum tonight.  :)  I'm psyched.  Oh!  I watched the movie Sunshine last night with Cillian Murphy, and it was amazing!  Stacia, watch that movie!  Cillian looks great in it, also.]

Right now I'm listening to XM Radio and typing.  Yes, typing.  No homework tonight, so that's spiffy.  Oh and I'm writing Christian a birthday comment.

Um, toodles!


I have seen that movie. And I love it!!!! Scary alien no skin sunshine man! Yes, Cillian looks great.
Have you a prom date?


I haven't had any strange dreams, but I probably will tonight, then. I got a haircut ... oh goodness, it's not attractive. haha. It's pretty short. I didn't ask for it to be so short. It's just ... short.
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teenage kicks

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