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Sep. 18th, 2007

teenage kicks


Oh this reading for civics is sooooooo boring!!!!  What am I to do?  Read further I suppose......
     I just had a thought.  I daydream all of the time, with the aid of music.  And I've been thinking about maybe turning some of my abstract into something more concrete.  I should listen to a Circa Survive song (for example Your Friends Are Gone at the moment) and then try and write a counterpart set of lyrics that describe the event that possibly lead up to the writing of that song.  Haha.  Hmm.
     My feet are cold.  I'm going to put some socks on.
     These pants I'm wearing are rather large.  I don't think they were when I bought them 2 weeks ago.  That means good things, lol.  I mean they are ridiculously huge.  Which makes me look huge.  But they are so comfykins.  Ever so comfykins.
     This is with whom I spent my Sunday:


     It was quite good fun.  We got nothing done.  But we ate pizza and sang songs about presidential assassinations.  I heart my friends lol.  They make my waking hours happy.
     Now I have to plan out this essay for Smead, and maybe do some chemistry homework.  Just maybe.  Good night.

Sep. 16th, 2007


the morning sun will make our bodies comfortable

Sometimes I'd like to disappear.  That would be nice.  Then I would lurk and hear bad things said about me and be sad.  So maybe not.

I need some experiences that are worthy of lyrics.  I'm am tired of writing about theoretical situations and dreams.  I need to live.  I need words to describe the things I'm seeing and the things that are being told to me.

Brandon Reilly, you amazing creature.  I'd like to be as skinny as you and be a counterpart in attractiveness.  Sadly..... no.  I would settle for a hug.

Sep. 11th, 2007

teenage kicks

a realization of the ear

I've been getting up in the mornings with unusual ease.  Very strange.  Oh I'm going to bring my orange metal lunch box to school tomorrow!  Hooray!
     Measuring where eyes are looking from across a room is so difficult.  For me.  Maybe not for you.  It drives me crazy.  So my letting go as discussed in the previous entry isn't working.  Try harder?  Give in?  I do not know.  I do not know.
     Ipod, should I give up?
          "There is nothing lost that may be found if sought."
     Oh geez.  Ipod, just let me give up.
     Tomorrow is Wednesday.  Wednesday, wednesday, wednesday.  And I need to go to be now.  Good night.

Sep. 7th, 2007

Brandon, Nightmare of You

on letting go

Ooh I feel a lot better than I did an hour ago.  It's been a good week.  My hair turned out really pretty today, and I can't figure out what I did differently to it.
     I have decided (I think, gah) to let certain things go.  I need to move on, because you really never know what's going to happen tomorrow and me obsessing over something isn't going to make it mine.  Hmm I'm going to make a playlist to that effect.
     Driving is getting a whole lot easier, now that it's become necessary.  I feel like writing lyrics and a melody, but I've got nothing with which to work.  And why do I insist on using paragraphs if the subjects in each just change constantly anyway?  I do not know.  I've really been into Circa Survive lately.  I can't quite sing Act Appalled yet (not up to decent standards) but I'm getting closer.  Band practice Sunday?  Hopefully.  Ooh I got a 93 (scaled and with AP points) on my first biology test.  I suppose I'm okay with that.  Hopefully I will get better at those.  It was nearly impossible.  The day before Ben and I studied biology at The Wild Bean for hours.  Then we visited a couple graveyards.  It was neat.

Sep. 3rd, 2007

teenage kicks

the days go by oh so slow

Yesterday was so wonderful.  Band practice was at 2, then Ben, Zach and I went to Pizza Hut, Wal*Mart and then finally Zach's house to play some more music until 10.  And I am not so terrible at improve vocals.  I feel like Luna, haha, so thankful for friends (good ones too).
     I'm working on homework now, blah.  But it's not so bad.  I've almost got biology done.  Ooh and I just pre-ordered my Nightmare of You EP and t-shirt.  Yay!!!!  Hehe.  Hmm tomorrow I've got journalism first thing.   That's pretty spiffy.  Zach let me borrow a Receiving End of Sirens CD and it's amazing.  Alright, must go finish biology and calculus and chemistry.  Bye.

Aug. 29th, 2007

teenage kicks

dance with me for I'll be leaving soon

Hello world.

My first day as a senior in high school is over. I've got 5/6 classes with Ben, 4 with Christian and sadly only one with Zach. But for pretty much all of my classes I've got friends sitting all around me. It's such an odd/neat/out of the ordinary thing. Unfortunately, my A-day lunch I am completely by myself. No friends. Single tear. You know, you get a hell of a lot more attention being alone than being with other people. It's crazy. Just looked focused and no one talks to you, though. Sweet deal. Anyway, I've got journalism first thing in the morning tomorrow with Christian. Ooh that class is going to be good. An hour and a half. Good good good. And the walk to calc.. convenient. Yes. And I am going to look super hot tomorrow, forgive the word hot, but it's the best I can do. I love life, even though the the past two trips home from Lewisburg I cried. Lol. Ahh, so messy. Anyway, good night and good luck.


Aug. 28th, 2007

teenage kicks

Bill Hader on Leno!

Uhhh..... went to a soccer game earlier.  We lost.  School tomorrow.  =[
Yay, Bill Hader's on Leno tonight!!  Well, I don't like Leno,  But Bill Hader is my idol.  And he's so attractive and funny.  And a Gemini.  I'm telling you people....

Hehe.  Well he looks a bit odd here.  Okay, here he is looking cute:

Good night.

Brandon, Nightmare of You


The magic of astrology lol.  I just learned that one of my very good friends and I are soul mates.  Very weird.  I've just noticed that his Venus is in Taurus (my sign) and my Venus is Aries (his sign).  What's also funny is, almost every little love interest I have is either Aries or Gemini, the signs on either side of Taurus.  Here are all of the Geminis I like (the famous ones, too many people have this address and I am exceedingly paranoid): Gary Lightbody, Johnny Depp, Rivers Cuomo, Noel Gallagher.... I'm sure I could think of some more.  Aries.  Ehh.  They are all people I know.

I wonder if I shall acquire myself a boyfriend this year.  But, as I previously stated, I'm going to care less about such things.

I've already got my wardrobe for the first week picked out.  Tomorrow I will wear my shirt with owls all over it and my accompanying plaid brown slacks.  And I shall wear my hair curly.  Lots of scrunching and gel and blow drying.  Then Thursday, I'll wear my Sleepy Hollow shirt and my lacey black mini skirt.  And maybe my purple hoodie.  Hair: straight.  Actually, I'm not all-together sure about Friday.  We'll see how I feel.

My band has a name now. =]
The Artifact in Living.  Its acronym is TAIL rofl.  Tail.  Hehe.

And all of my school work is done!!!!  YAY!

Everything's coming up Millhouse.  Lol.

Aug. 25th, 2007

teenage kicks

(no subject)

Oh goodness.  I went school clothes shopping!!!  I'm not done, but I got some wonderful things.  Oh my goodness and my hair is also cut now!  I love it!!!  It's so whimsical.

*Sigh* Under the Milky Way by The Church.  It's so wonderful.  I love the singer's voice.  If you've seen Donnie Darko, Under the Milky Way is the song that's on when Donnie and Gretchen are walking down the stairs during the Halloween party.  I've been listening to this song on repeat a lot.  It shall be my theme song for this year!!!!  And my guidance animal shall be the owl.  Excellent.

Aug. 22nd, 2007


vitamin water.

And thus today begins my lasting addiction to vitamin water.

Japanese people are freaking cool.  Apparently my Japanese name is Kita Sato.  There's this wicked neat anime show on Cartoon Network at 12:30 a.m. called Blood Plus.  It's very violent and about blood-sucking monsters.  Awesome, no?  Japanese shows have the longest intros ever.

Do you know who I would like to marry besides Gary Lightbody?  Tyson Ritter.  I know there are thousands of girls who would say the same thing, but he is so beautiful I don't even care.  I'm thinking about him because the Tournado DVD is out now.  I haven't watched the concert yet, just the (wicked cool) documentary.

Tyson was once over 200 pounds.  Can you believe that nonsense?  He lost it all running five miles a day.  So guess what, I ran two miles today.  Well actually I ran 1.25 miles and walked the other .75.  Bully me.  And I've only had a granola bar, a nutrigrain bar,  a slice of pizza, and some milk, lemonade and vitamin water.  And it's 8:01 p.m.  I'm determined, folks.  Determined.  Damn it, I will loose this second chin!!  Hah.

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teenage kicks

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